Tricks and Treats To Save Time Running Automated Tests: Inspect Subset Requests and Test Results, Python Integration, Inviting Teammates

by Alastair Wilkes in October 22nd, 2021

October 2021 Launchable Product Updates

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Halloween month brings us two new tools within Launchable CLI, allowing you to inspect subset requests and test results with ease. We’ve also updated our existing plugins, and made it easier to collaborate with teammates in the Launchable dashboard:

Inspect Subset Requests with the Launchable CLI

After you request a subset with launchable subset, the Launchable CLI now outputs a tip to run launchable inspect subset --subset-id <SUBSET ID>. This command returns detailed information about the subset request/response that can be useful for debugging your subset integration. You can check whether a test was included in the subset request (to make sure all your tests were passed into launchable subset) and whether that test was prioritized for the subset or left for the remainder.

You can also see Launchable’s estimated duration for a test; this is calculated based on historical data and is a key input into test prioritization. Just update to v1.27.0+ to take advantage of this feature.

Inspect Subset Requests with the Launchable CLI

Inspect Subset Requests with the Launchable CLI

Inspect Test Results with the Launchable CLI

Similarly, after you submit your test reports with launchable report tests, the Launchable CLI now outputs a tip to run launchable inspect tests --test-session-id <TEST SESSION ID>. This command returns the full results that were submitted, which you can use to verify that all of your test reports were passed into launchable record tests (CLI v1.28.0).

Inspect Test Results with the Launchable CLI

Inspect Test Results with the Launchable CLI

Integration Updates

We’ve continued iterating on our existing plugins. Our integration for Python’s nose test runner now supports split subsets for parallel runs (nose-launchable v0.4.0), and we added a new --output-regex-files option to the CTest profile to make it easier to pass a subset of tests into CTest invocations (CLI v1.29.0).

Invite Your Teammates to the Launchable Dashboard

You can now invite your teammates to use the Launchable dashboard! Simply generate an invitation link on your workspace’s settings page and then send it to your teammates. They can use this link to create a user account and join your existing workspace.

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