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Software Testing Triage Product Interviews

Key Takeaways

  • Launchable invites developers, QA engineers, and software quality managers who encounter daily triage challenges to contribute their valuable expertise to shape the future of bug triage.

  • Participants have an exclusive opportunity to engage in a 60-minute product interview with Harpreet Singh, Co-CEO of Launchable, directly influencing the development of solutions that address their most pressing issues.

  • Through collaboration with experts deeply involved in the triage process, Launchable aims to simplify and streamline the world of issue and bug triaging in software development, creating tools that truly benefit software teams.

At Launchable, we're deeply focused on addressing the critical phase of triage in software delivery. This phase occurs after the code has been pushed and testing, usually post-merge, has unveiled a plethora of issues. It's at this juncture that the formidable challenge of understanding the significance of these issues begins – determining which ones are blocking the release, identifying the responsible parties for fixing them, and much more.

We often refer to this stage as the pre-release chaos, which frequently transpires before tickets even find their way into Jira. Unfortunately, a substantial portion of this process is manual, and that's where Launchable comes into play.

Our mission is to streamline and enhance this intricate process, making it more efficient and effective. We’re looking to interview selected industry experts to provide insights and feedback on our products, helping us shape the future of testing.

Who Should Join & How It Works

We’re seeking insights and guidance from professionals like you who encounter software testing triage challenges day in and day out. If you're a developer, a QA engineer, or a manager responsible for ensuring the quality of software, your expertise is invaluable to us. The challenges you face in daily testing and quality assurance are exactly what we aim to address.

Our co-CEOs would love an opportunity to engage you in a product interview session of about 60 minutes. We will donate $50 to a charity in return for your valuable time. During this session, your expertise and experiences will be invaluable in steering our efforts to build solutions that directly address the issues that impact you the most.

We believe that the best way to create tools that truly benefit software teams is to collaborate with those who are deeply involved in the process. Together, we can work towards transforming and simplifying the world of issue and bug triaging in software development.

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