Launch fearlessly

Ship 5x faster without risk.


You can have the best developers in the world, but every test is making them slower


Launchable has cut wait times for developers, enabling them to deliver more features faster


M. K

Senior Engineer, Top 5 Car Company

We have reduced our lead time to release by one third in 2021 as a result of bringing in Launchable


R. M 

Engineering Director, Top 3 Point of Sales Company


Before: Slow releases, unhappy devs

Tests find issues too late

Long testing cycles

Too much WIP, not enough in production

After: Faster releases, happy devs

Issues found within 20-30% of a test run

Shorter, meaningful test cycles

Less WIP, more in production


We make impact in weeks

80% of your software tests are pointless. The problem is you don't know which 80%. We find the right 20% using your data so that you can ship faster.


Your data enables your developers to solve your shipping challenges

We have shrink-wrapped Predictive Test Selection, a Machine Learning-based approach being used at companies like Facebook so that it can be used by any company.


Support for your language & CI Server

We support multiple languages, test runners and CI systems. Just bring Git to the table.


We built Jenkins

We are passionate about helping organizations deliver faster

co-CEO Koshuke Kawaguchi (ex-CTO, CloudBees - a DevOps leader) started the Jenkins project that is the bedrock of DevOps pipelines everywhere. Harpreet Singh, our co-CEO was VP of Product for CloudBees where helped hundreds of teams through DevOps transformations. Our team has members from Atlassian Bitbucket, CloudBees, JFrog all leaders in developer productivity and DevOps.

Today, our passion is to help engineering build a data-driven culture to drive software releases faster.


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How our proof of concept works

  1. Schedule a 15-min demo call
  2. Identify a project to see if we can make an impact
  3. We train a model in 4 weeks (with minimal setup)
  4. Review the ROI and make a decision

Our promise to you

  1. No pushy sales
  2. No lengthy setup process
  3. Time-bounded results in 4 weeks
  4. We show the results on your data


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