Data driven DevOps

Ship high quality code at a higher velocity today


You invested millions in Agile and DevOps, but your software velocity is still slow. Just automating DevOps pipelines isn't enough. Why? Because they continue running meaningless tests that add days & $$s to your releases.

Your pipelines need to be data driven and smarter.


Launchable is the industry's first Test Intelligence Platform that uses Machine Learning to make your pipeline data driven and smarter by using your code and test metadata to find the tests most likely to fail based on code commits.

Test faster, ship faster & do data driven software development.

Developers can fail fast and deliver with confidence

Adopting Launchable just takes 3 easy steps: Connect -> Let the model train -> Speed up testing in weeks

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Companies evolve their DevOps mojo with data driven actions from Launchable

Software, embedded, and mobile companies use Launchable to reduce their testing times and give time back to their developers. The time given back to the team is used to build new software & improve their DevOps practices.



A Manga startup in Japan built using Ruby on Rails on Heroku reduced their deployment times by 30%.


Automotive/High Tech

A car company in Germany building embedded software using Python and C++ saved 15k hours or $1M/year running tests. They tripled their hardware capacity without new purchases.



A software leader in Silicon Valley building network appliances using Java and Bazel brought 40% improvement in developer feedback time by testing faster and smarter.

My test runtime went down 90%. Deployment to Heroku went from 30 to 10 minutes. It is great, just great!


Masayuki Oguni

CEO, Manba

Launchable has helped our small team ship code faster and really speed up pushing small changes through


M. O

Lead developer, Web Company

We expect Launchable to be critical in our ongoing efforts to cut wait times for developers, enabling them to deliver more features faster


M. K

Senior Test Engineer, Car IT GMBH

Our goal is to reduce lead to release by one third in 2021 as a result of bringing in Launchable


R. M 

Senior Engineering Manager, Restaurant POS, Inc

We know DevOps.

It's time to evolve DevOps to be data driven

We are passionate about developers and developer productivity and happiness. After all, we invented Jenkins, the tool that is the backbone of DevOps everywhere and have people from Atlassian Bitbucket on the team.

Over the last decade or so, our founders have helped hundreds of organizations go through DevOps transformations. We learned that DevOps transformations take forever while teams hurt for time to show results.

Our solution is to bring in the data being generated in the DevOps pipelines to make the pipelines smarter. We built Launchable so that we could cut the biggest time sink (tests) in the development process without the loss of confidence.

Fail fast, learn fast, deliver with confidence - this is what DevOps is all about.

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