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Continuous Quality for Developers

Faster Releases with Smarter Testing

The Launchable platform uses data from Git changes + past test results to find the right signals and provide lightning fast feedback to developers so they can release faster with high quality.

Launchable Intelligence Platform

Before: High quality releases take time

  • Stressful balancing act between speed and quality
  • Missed deadlines or buggy code shipped
  • Stressed Developers
  • DevOps stuck in low gear

After: High quality code launched fast

  • Release with confidence
  • Test early, test more for high quality
  • Faster feedback =happier developers
  • DevOps in high gear

The problem:

Slow Test and Release Cycles

Clogged pipelines and delayed signals slow down releases

Slow DevOps pipeline

More tests, more platforms, slower delivery

As projects grow, so do the tests. It becomes harder to keep your CI pipeline fast. The problem compounds as new frameworks and platforms enter your delivery pipeline.

tsunami of data

A tsunami of data!

As tests grow, it's hard to separate signal from noise. Developers spend time figuring out what to pay attention to. They don't get the right signals at the right time.

unhappy developers

Slow feedback means unhappy developers

Long test cycles and tsunami of noise creates frustration and lowers productivity.

It may take days to get green builds, re-triggering every four hours. Maybe they fail because they are flaky. Our productivity loss is 20-50%. It's absurd, getting worse, and we are desperate!

Brian Arnold


Lead developer on Linux platform, Car Company

Launchable's solution:

ML based Intelligence for Smarter Testing

A data driven DevOps culture focused on Continuous Quality

Extensible Platform Support

Embrace data from code and tests to drive improvements

Leverage an extensible platform that consumes data from multiple sources like code and test frameworks to make decisions about tests to reduce cycle times.

Drop in wait times

Actions and insights that drive changes today

Launchable's philosophy is to drive actionable changes on the ground from day 1. Yes, we have metrics that help you understand your quality picture, too.

Confidence curve

Predictive Test Selection for faster feedback for developers

Launchable identifies the right tests to run for each code change to provide fast feedback to developers and slash testing times up to 80%.

Flaky Tests Insights

Flaky Tests Insights for faster failure analysis

Launchable flags flaky tests to help teams analyze failures quickly.

Try Predictive Test Selection

Eliminate slow test cycles. Smarter Testing. Faster DevOps.

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