Your team drowns in a firehose of test failures before every release

We help them find calm amidst the chaos and ship with confidence.



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SOC2 certified

It takes about one hour of a developer's time to set up Launchable

  • Four lines of changes in a CI Script
  • No developer support needed after setup
  • SOC 2 certified to keep your data safe
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PTS curve - Run 50% tests to find 99% of failing builds

Predictive Test Selection: Correlate code changes to tests

A ML approach to radically improve test execution times & find failures.

  • Launchable learns your test suite to create a ML model (~2 weeks)
  • Your team chooses the best confidence for the test suite based on data from the ML model
  • Launchable predicts tests that will fail based on code changes based on the confidence target chosen.
  • Run tests up to 80% faster
  • Run an infrequent defensive full test run to catch any remaining issues.
  • Run an infrequent defensive full test run to catch any remaining issues.

Learn more about Predictive Test Selection

What is Predictive Test Selection video

Time Savings

Every time you run only a subset of your test suite using Predictive Test Selection, you save time.

MONTH2024-04Not final yet2024-03Final2024-02Final2024-01Final2023-12Final2023-11FinalPTS TEST SESSIONS134167148544099TOTAL DURATIONWITHOUT LAUNCHABLE1,787 hours2,228 hours1,598 hours203 hours203 hours1,609 hoursTOTAL DURATIONWITH LAUNCHABLE221 hours279 hours311 hours143 hours119 hours1,720 hoursTIME SAVED hours1,566(88%) hours1,949(87%) hours1,287(81%) hours60(30%) hours84(42%) hours111(07%)

Predictive Test Selection fits into your existing development pipeline

Unlock the ability to run a much smaller set of tests at various points in your software development lifecycle. With Launchable, tell your test runner exactly which tests to run based on the changes being tested:

Works with your existing tools, languages, and processes

Results in weeks—no months-long DevOps transformations

Launchable's ML-based approach means it can work with existing languages and tools. Developers start seeing their dev cycles go faster without changing their processes.

Your co-pilot for Triaging, Understanding and Managing Test Failures

Quality a focus? Working with nightly, integration or UI tests?
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