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Test Failure Intelligence

For teams that want to streamline their test failure triaging process.

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Test Failure Intelligence and Optimization

For teams that want to optimize their test execution

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  • Everything in Moon, plus:
  • Run/Optimize Tests
    • Predictive Test Selection
    • Optimized Dynamic Test Suite Parallelization
  • Enterprise Features
    • SAML
    • Automatic Org Discovery to onboard team members
  • Integrations
    • Custom test framework support
  • Support
    • Premium Support
    • Custom Legal Terms


  • Monthly post-paid
  • Annual pre-paid

We cost less than what we save you in infrastructure costs. You can talk to us to find out how it works.

SOC2 certified

It takes about one hour of a developer's time to set up Launchable

  • Four lines of changes in a CI Script
  • No developer support needed after setup
  • SOC 2 certified to keep your data safe
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