Cypress and Launchable

Spend less time waiting for Cypress tests

Launchable intelligently selects the most important Cypress tests to run for every code change, reducing wait times and letting you ship faster.

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Works with your existing tools

Launchable is a layer on top of your existing CI pipeline and tooling. The Launchable CLI interfaces with your existing build/test tools like Maven, Gradle, Ant, etc.

Intelligent test selection

Launchable learns from your historical code changes and test results. You then leverage this intelligence to select and run the best Cypress tests for a code change.

Get started in 15 minutes

The Launchable CLI makes it easy to start optimizing your Cypress runs on Day 1. Launchable's predictions get better as the model learns about your runs.

Shift Left your Selenium Tests

Shift left your Cypress tests

Many teams struggle with long running Cypress test suites. Because they take a long time, these crucial tests are run less often, making it difficult to release early and often.

With Launchable, you can run an intelligently selected subset of Cypress tests on every pull request.

Developers get test feedback much earlier, enabling faster shipping and reducing frustration.

You can have the best developers in the world, but every test is making them slower.

80% of your software tests are pointless. The problem is you don't know which 80%. We find the right 20% using your data so that you can ship faster.

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