New Year, New Ways Launchable Saves Time Through Automated Testing with Latest Product Updates

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January 2022 Launchable Product Updates

New year, same mission: Save developers time with smarter automated testing. We’re kicking off 2022 with the latest product updates designed to increase your testing velocity.

New this month, we’ve deepened expansion for you to record builds from multiple repositories, and enabled the ability to preview CLI Interactions, showing you what data will be sent without actually sending it. On top of that, Launchable now supports Cucumber JSON Reports and has given you the ability to view test results for all your test sessions within Launchable. All these great updates, and the year has just begun!

Expanded Support for Multiple Software Components Tested Together

End-to-end, UI, or regression tests often test multiple released software components or services together. These services might be built and deployed separately on different schedules. As such, it's important to capture the deployed version of each component when recording test results.

However, the source code for each component is typically not available at the test stage, so recording this information is challenging. To help with this, you can now specify a commit hash for each component's repository when you record a build instead of having the CLI grab the commit hash from repos checked out locally.

This means you don't need to check out your code repositories in the test stage. Instead, you just need to store the deployed version of each service and pass that into the CLI. 

To see more about how to do this, check out the documentation: Recording builds from multiple repositories.

multiple repositories

Preview Launchable CLI Interactions with `--dry-run`

The Launchable CLI is the interface between your test runner or build tool and the Launchable web service. As such, it sends and receives various information about commits and test results.

As of CLI version 1.35.0, you can now use the new --dry-run option to preview what data the CLI will send without actually sending it. This is useful for infosec review.

Check out the documentation for more info: CLI reference.

View Test Results in Launchable

You can now view test results for all of your test sessions in Launchable! Go to your workspace's Test runs page and then click on any session's timestamp to view results. If a stdout or stderr value was submitted with a failure, it will be shown.

test session

Cucumber JSON Reports are Now Supported

You can now submit JSON test reports from cucumber in addition to JUnit XML files. This is helpful if your team already uses JSON reports in your pipeline.

Just add the --json option when you run launchable record tests:

cumcumber JSON

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