Expanded Launchable Integrations, Analysis, and Docs for Better Developer Experience

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July 2022 Launchable Product Updates

We know that engineering teams battle release bottlenecks. In fact, the average software engineer only spends 32% of their time writing code. Not cool.

That’s why at Launchable we’re focused on improving developer experience by speeding up test cycles with smarter testing and better insights. This month we’ve continued working around the clock to improve your team’s experience running automated tests and have some fresh features to help you concur testing bottlenecks.

  • Predictive Test Selection not playing nice? Our new Analyze Subset page will act as your personal troubleshooting assistant.
  • In need of a quicker and easier way to integrate pytest? Our new Launchable plugin for pytest takes care of the heavy lifting for you.
  • Looking for a page that explains the various concepts in Launchable's object model? Our new Concepts section is here to help.

Let’s take a deep dive into the specifics.

Troubleshoot Common Predictive Test Selection Integration Issues

You can now troubleshoot common Predictive Test Selection integration issues using the new Analyze Subset page. This new page surfaces three common integration issues:

  1. Subset tests that didn't run (when they were supposed to)
  2. Remainder/rest tests that didn't run (when they were supposed to)
  3. Extra tests that did run (when they weren't supposed to)
analyze subset

You can reach this page via links in the Test Session column of the table of the Analyze page:

subset requests


Get Started Faster with the Launchable Plugin For Pytest

Adding Launchable to your pytest runs is now easier than ever with the new Launchable plugin for pytest!


This native integration takes quite a few steps out of the integration process. Before, you had to install the CLI and manually add various CLI commands to your pipeline like launchable record build, launchable record tests, and launchable subset.

The new plugin takes care of those steps for you, making sure to run the right commands with the right inputs at the right time. Now you just have to:

  1. Make your Launchable API key available as an environment variable (this step hasn't changed)
  2. Install the Launchable plugin for pytest
  3. Generate a config file with a simple command
  4. Simply run your tests with the plugin enabled to record builds and tests!

Once you're ready to start running Launchable subsets, you just update two lines in the config file. 😎 Nice.

🔎 Check out the docs for the new integration here.

New Launchable Concepts Documentation for Deeper Insights into Our Object Model

Take a look behind the curtain here at Launchable with our newly launched Concepts docs. This fresh section explains in detail the various concepts in Launchable’s object model, including Workspaces, Builds, Test Sessions, and Subsets. Check out the new docs to get more intel on how the various pieces fit together.

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