Close Testing Communication Gap with Personalized Slack Notifications

Launchable Introduces Test Notifications via Slack to Help Developers Stay Informed and Quickly Triage Failed Tests.

Key Takeaways

  • No more jumping between email inbox, CI system, or Git hosting service - Developers can stay in Slack and get all the details on their runs with Launchable Test Notifications.

  • The integration is free and simple to get setup. Get it now.

San Jose, CA, December 19, 2022 - Especially amidst economic uncertainty, DevOps teams need creative ways to increase their productivity. Launchable, the ML test intelligence platform focused on speeding up the development feedback loop, today released personalized Test Notifications via Slack. The new free Slack integration allows developers to receive real-time notifications of their software test results directly, rather than relying on email or CI notifications. 

To move pull requests (PR) forward, developers need to keep track of which test suites are running for their PR, and take action at the end of each run. Unfortunately, this often gets lost in CI systems behind too many clicks, or is buried in emails. 

Get personal Slack messages for subscribed test notifications

After developers set up a subscription, Launchable’s Test Notifications sends them a personal Slack message for each new test session that matches their subscription criteria: test sessions run against their branches, pull requests, or other test sessions they care about. If a test fails, the notification includes a link to view the results in Launchable, as well as a summary of the failing tests. These personal alerts help developers move their pull requests forward without unnecessary context switching while they wait on test run statuses. 

"We are always looking for ways to improve the developer experience and make continuous testing more accessible for teams. Test Notifications with Slack is helping developers stay informed and quickly triage any failed tests without leaving their preferred communication tool."

Harpreet Singh, Launchable Co-CEO

With over 1 billion tests, Launchable continues to focus on developer-first tools

With over one billion tests recorded on the platform, Launchable continues helping dev teams reduce infrastructure costs, get feedback faster, and keep developers happy. Alongside this latest Slack integration release, Launchable is helping software development teams launch fearlessly with Predictive Test Selection.

Using machine learning, Launchable’s Predictive Test Selection enables DevOps teams to shorten test suite run-times to test more often, find issues earlier, and provide faster feedback to developers. Teams identify and run tests with the highest probability of failing based on code and test metadata, speeding up their development feedback loop. 

“Previously, we made Jenkins to solve problems developers face with CI in the enterprise. Now we’re working to make testing smarter. This includes making how developers receive test alerts smarter and natively in the tools they already use.”

Kohsuke Kawaguchi, Launchable Co-CEO

No more jumping between email inbox, CI system, or Git hosting service - Developers can stay in Slack and get all the details on their runs with Launchable Test Notifications. Learn how to start getting Test Notifications in Slack today.

About Launchable 

Launchable is the ML test intelligence platform that speeds up the development feedback loop by solving shipping challenges with data-driven testing insights. Through machine learning, Launchable optimizes CI pipelines by identifying and running tests with the highest probability of failing and tracking test suite insights to cut wait times for developers. Leading Fortune 100 brands rely on Launchable to deliver more features faster by testing what matters. Ship high quality software faster at

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