How can I improve my developer experience?

A dev mindset of innovation is incredibly important but most don’t know where to start when asking, “how can I improve my developer experience?”.

August 31, 2022


What makes a great developer experience?

What makes a great developer experience? This question is critical to nurturing a successful development program.

August 30, 2022

Product Updates

Welcome Weekly Flakiness Scores, Auto Links to CI Server, and More

August brings a overhaul to the Flaky Tests page, with weekly flakiness scores. Also automatic links back to your CI logs and duration trackers for tests.

August 23, 2022


DevX in DevOps: How Developer Experience is Affected by Your Pipeline

Focusing on DevX obstacles in your DevOps loop will impact the happiness of your developers. And happy developers are the backbone of successful products.

August 19, 2022


Why Developer Experience is Important

It's not easy being a developer, that's why developer experience matters. Easing their challenges can make a world of difference.

August 17, 2022


Selenium Automation Testing Needs Help to Improve Developer Experience

Selenium automation is great for small teams but falls short when scaling, learn how shifting left can make a world of difference.

August 15, 2022


What Does it Take to Deliver the Best Developer Experience?

Understand how these tenets can deliver the best developer experience, foster happiness, productivity, and speed for the entire organization.

August 12, 2022


Four Feature Sets to Look for in a Developer Experience Platform

A Developer Experience Platform should drive developer productivity and efficiency in every part of the development cycle.

August 5, 2022


Measuring Developer Experience Requires Empathy and AI

Measuring developer experience allows you to quantify how work satisfaction impacts ROI and better contextualize the efficacy of your efforts.

August 4, 2022


Standard and Advanced Developer Experience Tools For Your Tech Stack

Poor tooling hinders faster release cycles and causes frustration, companies need to make developer experience tools a priority.

July 26, 2022


Five Steps to Improve Developer Experience Immediately

Moving beyond the traditional methods of DevOps today, how can we improve developer experience while maintaining quality and efficiency.

July 22, 2022


Nurture Software Engineer Happiness with Data

To establish a culture that nurtures software engineer happiness, you need to understand the elements of the developer experience and where the issues lie.

July 21, 2022