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Modesty is a Luxury: An interview with Dan Tao

Dan Tao, Head of Engineering for Bitbucket Cloud at Atlassian, discusses modesty, celebrating achievements, and other insights on engineering culture.

March 23, 2021

Product Updates

Launchable is now in beta!

Pop the bubbly, we're in beta! We've had some amazing preliminary results with early users! Start speeding up test cycles with predictive test selection.

March 22, 2021

Product Updates

Three steps to subset tests with Launchable & Gradle

In just three steps add Launchable to your Gradle builds process and run a subset of a long-running test suite for faster feedback.

March 19, 2021


What is parallel testing?

Parallel software testing splits test suites so that tests can execute simultaneously, generally in order to run large test suites faster.

March 17, 2021

Videos & Links

The Advantages of a Risk-Based Approach to Testing at Freshly

Derek Campbell sits down with the Launchable team to discuss the advantages of risk-based approach to testing and Freshly's DevOps transformation.

March 9, 2021


Introducing a tiny library for throwing Java exceptions: Cy Young

Launchable introduces Cy Young, a tiny little library that we recently open-sourced for making it easier to throw exceptions in Java.

March 3, 2021


Scaling Test Impact Analysis to every project with Launchable

Test Impact Analysis determines the most important tests to run based on code changes, whereas Predictive Test Selection uses a machine learning model.

March 1, 2021


Getting started with Maven, Java, and Launchable

Launchable has made is simple to use Predictive Test Selection with Maven and Java for faster testing cycles.

February 17, 2021


Learning to Thrive as a Minority

Launchable Co-Founder Harpreet grew up in Mumbai as a Sikh minority. In the US for over 20 years he shares challenges & principles to thrive as a minority.

February 17, 2021


Selecting the right tests for a code change with Test Impact Analysis

Launchable uses a branch of test impact analysis known as Predictive Test Selection to create dynamic subsets of the most important tests for code changes.

February 8, 2021


Get Shit Done days: making time for deep work!

Delivering meaty work regularly is a core element of Launchable culture. How to implement get shit done days to hunker down and produce meaningful output.

February 2, 2021


Automated Testing vs. Manual Testing: Which is Better?

Testing is a key control to get quality software in the hands of customers. Compare manual vs automated tests to see what methods are best for your team.

January 19, 2021