Get Shit Done days: making time for deep work!  

Get shit done days: making time for deep work

I sighed with resignation as I looked at my completely packed calendar. “Quality” work delivered between meetings or after work, juggling email and slack responses while doing so. I had become a highly paid email and task traffic handler - routing tasks than doing them. Anything that took a reasonable …

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Launchable EOY 2020: Unlocking Continuous Quality and Agility for development teams 

Unlocking Continuous Quality and Agile for development teams

As I sat down to write this blog, the question that came to my mind is “how does one go about recapping a year like 2020?” The best metaphor I read to describe this year is: We humans aren’t in the same boat, we all are in different boats weathering …

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Capturing the feeling of "Hello World" forever

Capturing the feeling of

Yoshiori Shoji leads our engineering team at Launchable. He has a huge tech following in Japan and was recently was interviewed by (an engineering recruitment firm). Yoshiori is extremely passionate about building a great engineering culture and continuously learning (which seems to be a theme in Launchable). Here are …

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