Speeding through 2022 with Faster, Smarter Test Cycles 

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June 2022 Launchable Product Updates

Another journey around the sun is reaching the midway point. As we’re approaching halfway through the year the Launchable team has more updates on new features they’ve been hard at work on.

This is pretty cool ➡️ The newest way to stay up to date on your test runs while ensuring you never miss a beat! We’re working on a Slack app that sends personal notifications directly to developers, so you can always be in the know. Check out how you can try it out now in beta below.

We’ve also made it easier to filter by date ranges on the trends page and added the ability for you to see insights on your test suites only one day after sending data!

But that’s not all! Attention Maven users: Maven just got even better and this one is for you! We have new functionality and an improved way to view trend insights. Keep reading to learn more.

Exclusive early access to the Launchable Slack app

If your team uses Slack and runs tests on pull requests, we have a special invitation for you! 📩

We're working on a Slack app that can send personal notifications about test runs directly to developers. No more jumping between your email inbox, your CI system, or your Git hosting service - just stay in Slack and get all the details of your runs.

We're inviting a limited number of teams to get early access to this new app as part of our beta program.

Apply to join the beta here: Launchable Slack app beta program application

Act fast because spots will fill up quickly!

You can now filter insights on the Trends page by 4 predefined date ranges: 7d, 30d, 90d, and all time. Previously the page only showed all-time values, making it hard to dig into more recent changes.

Additionally, the 7d filter shows values by day instead of by week, so you can now get insights about your test suites only one day after sending data!

Support for Maven filtering


Support for Maven filtering

We've added a new option to the Maven profile for the Launchable CLI that lets you apply existing filtering before you request a Launchable subset. 

This is useful if you already filter your list of tests (for example, by suite) and want to request a subset of only those tests.

See Launchable in action on our free demo site today!

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