Hands-On Technical Guide for SDET and Test Automation Engineers

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Finding the best path to faster development cycles and less-siloed departments could not be more important in 2024.While advancing technologies and better methodology look great on the surface for company decision-makers, they’re missing something even more important to avoid production bottlenecks.

To successfully engineer software in our competitive landscape, we need to arm SDETs and Test Automation Engineers with strategies and resources to not only improve the pipeline, but also their developer experience.

This guide is intended to be a comprehensive roadmap with hands-on technical resources for SDET and Test Automation Engineers, delving into crucial topics including:

  • An Examination of Test Impact Analysis: Understanding nuances, benefits, and the challenges it presents in software testing at growing organizations.
  • The Power of Predictive Test Selection: Learn through hands-on Python code samples with Launchable and Pytest.
  • The Art of Optimizing Test Suite Performance: Measuring test runtime, exploring traditional approaches, and diving into Python-based log analysis and timestamp examples.
  • How to Streamline Testing Processes with Batch Testing: Unraveling step-by-step procedures, understanding its benefits, limitations, and harnessing Launchable for enhanced batch testing reliability.

Download the hands-on technical resource

Bridge theory with hands-on application to elevate your expertise in test automation engineering.

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