$7 for every hour we save your developers

Paid Annually

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Liftoff: free

For open source projects

  • Unlimited OSS developers
  • Unlimited repositories & tests

Moon: free

For companies < 50 people

  • Up to 25 hours saved/month*
  • Unlimited developers
  • Unlimited repositories & tests

* Upgrade to Mars after 25 hours saved per month

Mars: $7/hour saved

For everyone else

  • Unlimited developers
  • Unlimited repositories
  • Unlimited tests

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Frequently asked questions

  • Why do you charge based on hours saved?

    We charge for the impact that we make to your team, which in our case is reducing your test time. In our opinion, typical pricing metrics like # of developers or total # of tests are not customer friendly. We wanted something more customer friendly and in line with our company value to make customers our fans.

  • How do you calculate hours saved?

    Good question!

    First, some context: every time you request a subset of tests to run, you send Launchable your full list of tests in your test suite along with an optimization target. Launchable returns a subset of the full list you sent based on that optimization target.

    Therefore, we calculate hours saved by taking the difference between the typical duration of the full list of tests (based on historical data) and the duration of the subset of tests from Launchable.

    For example, if your test suite typically takes 4 hours to run, and a Launchable subset that yields 90% confidence only takes 1.5 hours, then your hours saved for that run will be 2.5 hours.

  • What's my return on investment?

    Your ROI on Launchable is three fold: increased velocity, time saved for developers and time saved in machine resources

    1. Faster tests and faster feedback = Increased Software Delivery Velocity
    2. Developers are the highest paid resources on a team. An hour saved with Launchable on a test run saves time for multiple developers on the team.
    3. Hours saved on test runs usually means that hardware resources can be deployed elsewhere

    We typically see customers making back their investments with developer hours saved in weeks.

Estimate your cost

ELI5: You have a test suite that takes 60 minutes and runs twice a day for 20 days in a month. Thus, your devs wait 60x2 =2 hours a day OR 40 hours per month. At 50% reduction in test times, Launchable will save you 20 hours per month and charge you 20*$7 = $140/month

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