Moon: free

for companies < 50 people

  • Test Suite Insights 
  • Predictive Tests Selection:    25 free hours/saved/month 
  • Unlimited tests
  • Unlimited code repositories

Mars:$/hours saved

Pre-paid & annually 

  • Moon +
  • Predictive Tests Selection: Pre-paid hours saved/year
  • SAML
  • Unlimited developers

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Frequently asked questions

  • Why does Launchable charge based on hours saved?

    We charge for the impact that we make to your team, which in our case is reducing your test time.

  • Does that mean my spend is unlimited?

    No. Think of this as buying pre-paid cell phone minutes. Launchable helps estimate the number of hours you can save per year. We put you in a corresponding tier where you buy pre-paid hours.

  • How do you calculate hours saved?

    TLDR if your test suite typically takes 4 hours to run, and a Launchable subset that yields 90% confidence only takes 1.5 hours, then your hours saved for that run will be 2.5 hours/run. Multiply that by number of runs per year.

    Details Every time you request a subset of tests to run, you send Launchable your full list of tests in your test suite along with an optimization target. Launchable returns a subset of the full list you sent based on that optimization target. Therefore, we calculate hours saved by taking the difference between the typical duration of the full list of tests (based on historical data) and the duration of the subset of tests from Launchable.

  • What's my return on investment?

    Our customers see value three axis

    Better Developer Experience Shorter and faster test feedback means happy developers

    Faster time to market Faster feedback equals higher quality code shipped faster to market

    Savings in resources $ spend because teams are no longer spending machine resources on doing unnecessary work

    We typically see customers making back their investments with developer hours saved in weeks.

  • Any discounts for open source?

    Launchable is free for OSS projects

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