Launchable Dev Intelligence Platform

We are building a ML platform to improve Developer Experience


Turnkey SaaS platform

Runs on AWS

Building and maintaining a functional AI/ML stack is a complex endeavor.

Your developers should be focussed on what they do best - shipping features.

We have simplified bringing AI/ML to your team by building a turnkey Saas platform on AWS.

Connect to us and start training a model in minutes. Start using the model in days.

Your code and test remain on your premises.

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CI server agnostic

Since we use ML (not static code analysis) - our platform works with multiple languages and multiple test harnesses.

We look at your code and test meta data to build ML models based on your unique development environments. We integrate at the test harness level.

You can even extend your custom test tools to connect to us.

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We got your testing pyramid covered

Launchable can analyze any test type in the testing pyramid.

This enables teams to shift-left or shift-right tests.


Launchable Applications

Apps that improve Developer Experience

We aren’t a general purpose AI platform that attempts to do all use cases for all industries. We are passionate about developers and development experience (after all we built Jenkins).

We are singularly focussed on developer specific use cases that improve DevEx and delivery velocity.

Our primary application Predictive Test Selection is being used by Fortune 100 companies. Our next application is Test Suite & Flaky Tests Insights is currently in beta. 


Ready to engage?

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POC-ing Launchable

Evaluate if Launchable can help you

  1. Demo call Schedule a demo call to learn more.
  2. Discovery call Identify a project to see if we can make an impact.
  3. 4 Week POC You instrument (a couple of hours), sit back. Our ML learns and comes back with early results.
  4. Post POC decision call Go/no go. Typically a go go go! :-)

Our promise - respect your time

No pushy sales. Bring us if we show results.

  1. Identify a qualified project No POC if we don't think we can help
  2. Low people investment Your teams time is precious. POC typically takes hours to a couple of days to implement.
  3. Time bounded We show results in a 4 week POC
  4. Results on your data We show early results on your data to help you make data-driven decision to purchase us.

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