Launchable is one year old!

by Kohsuke Kawaguchi September 9th, 2020
From left to right: Harpreet Singh, Shuhei Kitagawa, Daisuke Okajima, Yoshiori Shoji, Satoshi Asano, Mayumi Iinuma, Kohsuke Kawaguchi, Alastair Wilkes, Andrew Freakley, Ardhendu Singh, and John Long

August 27th was our first company anniversary! It's hard to believe we're a year old! 

While a lot of companies have struggled this year as a result of the Coronavirus, it's nice to be working at a company that is structured for remote work. Flexibility here has also enabled us to hire some great people. Much of our development team is based in Japan. A couple of folks are scattered across the United States, and Harpreet and I are here in California.

Since Coronavirus prevented us from getting together in person, we did a couple of things remotely!

For starters, we played Drawsaurus. It's very similar to Pictionary. The game tells one person to draw something and the rest of us will try to guess what it is. The game was very simple, supports large number of people, and it was easy on verbal communication. Finding a game that meets all those was actually pretty tricky, but Drawsaurus worked really well. Al was the unbeatable winner of the game. I suspect the game was noticing that and giving him some impossibly hard subjects. At one point he guessed “imaginary friend” and no else was able to guess it. Daisuke won a creative picture prize with his Buddha drawing.

We also commissioned the company portrait above. Everyone had already sent in pictures for the website about page. We took these and had individual portraits made and then incorporated those individual headshots into the group picture. Inspiration struck, and I had the idea of basing the group shot on one of the pictures of NASA astronauts.

My sincere appreciation to everyone for being aboard this journey. Year two will be even more exciting, so buckle up and prepare for a great ride!

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