Our Investors

We are very fortunate to have found venture partners and angels who have deep domain expertise and believe in our mission, our vision, and our team.

Battery Ventures

Dharmesh Thakker – Dharmesh has been the earliest cheerleader for the team and encouraged us to start Launchable. As one of the leader investors in the DevOps space (with JFrog), he has seen companies struggle to deliver software quickly and has been waiting for teams to tackle the testing domain. He has invested in companies like Databricks, Cloudera, and SumoLogic amongst others.

Max Schireson – Max was the CEO of MongoDB and is now an entrepreneur-in-residence at Battery Ventures. Max has been a sounding board for our ideas. Max is energized that Launchable is helping address a pain point that will make developers productive.

Unusual Ventures

John Vrionis – John is the co-founder of Unusual Ventures. John deeply cares about developer productivity improvements and has often talked about the lack of innovation in the testing domain. John has invested in companies like AppDynamics, DataStacks, Mulesoft, Heptio, and CloudBees.


Alessio Fanelli - 645Venture Principal, Investment & Research, Alessio connected with Launchable because he was bummed about slow tests in engineering teams. Working on the Engineering Value Chain Revolution as a builder and investor, he emphasized developer delight as one of the key things he looks into while investing.

Nnamdi Okike - Co-Founder and Managing Partner of 645Ventures, Nnamdi is a kindred spirit, focused on investing in exceptional early-stage software and software-enabled companies. As lead investors in Launchable's Series A, 645Ventures is excited about transforming software testing from a bottleneck to an enabler.

GoingVC Partners

GoingVC Partners - The investment vehicle of GoingVC, GoingVC Partners is excited to partner with Kohsuke, Harpreet, and the entire Launchable team to build a category-defining DevOps platform.

Angels and Advisors

Sri Viswanath – CTO at Atlassian. Sri brings in deep thought leadership in challenges faced by software teams at scale. Sri has been a leader in companies like Groupon, Ning and Sun Microsystems. 

Noah Wasmer – Head of Technical Teams at Atlassian. As the head of industry defining products such as Jira, Bitbucket, and OpsGenie, Noah brings in a wealth of knowledge on the challenges faced software teams of all sizes. Before Atlassian, he was GM/SVP of the End User Computing Group at VMWare.

Sacha Labourey – CEO of CloudBees. Sacha is one of the top thought leaders in the DevOps space and helping organizations lead and scale DevOps transformations. Before CloudBees, Sacha was a co-founder of JBoss. 

Masaru Tange – Founded and IPOed SHIFT, Inc. Tange-san brings a wealth of experience in the QA domain. SHIFT is a QA company and incidentally doubling revenue every year.

Koki Uchiyama – Founded and IPOed Hottolink, Inc. Uchiyama-San brings in experience on data and AI to Launchable. Hottolink uses data, AI to help teams in decision-making. He is well known for mentoring entrepreneurs.

Jagmeet Lamba –Founder and CEO of Certa. An early cheerleader of Launchable and deeply believes in the founding team to innovate in the testing domain. Jagmeet brings experience helping navigate enterprise sales and ML.

Bob Bickel – CEO of RunSignup, Advisor for CloudBees, and founder of Redline13. Bob is a 30 year veteran in companies like BlueStone Software (HP). Bob has really done it all in the enterprise middleware, DevOps and testing space. That plus, he was the Apple Pie making champion in 1999.

Jay Manni – A cyber security veteran and VP of Engineering at Dtex. He was the founding engineer leader at Fireeye and helped take it from its first few employees to IPO.

Michel Goossens – Angel investor, advisor and former Head of Sales at CloudBees. Michel is the guru helping setup and scale enterprise sales teams and motions. He was also one of the early players at Magento.

Steve Harris – Advisor and former Head of Product at CloudBees. Steve is an industry veteran and product leader in the enterprise, middleware and DevOps space. In his past life he was “Mr. Java” at Oracle and was the head of the Oracle WebLogic business unit. 

Al Zollar - Siris Capital Group, Executive Advisor. As the former Head of IBM Tivoli, Al is and industry veteran, currently working as an operating partner with the leading technology-driven private equity firm, SIRIS Capital Partners.


Andrew Lee – Strategic Investor and Acquirer at Samsung SDS. Andrew brings in experience in M&A, partnerships in the enterprise software business. In his past life, Andrew led the SpringSource acquisition into VMWare.

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