Enhance Volkswagen’s vehicle software integration and upgrade your digital customer experience by optimizing your delivery pipeline

Transform your vehicle software into a leading digital experience by improving the speed and quality of your releases. Automatically identify and prioritize the highest value tests in your codebase, so your developers are focused and happy.

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How companies like Volkswagen are utilizing Launchable’s machine learning

In-place reduction of test suite runtimes

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Why BMW needed Launchable

BMW needed to optimize the workload on their inelastic environment that was blocking 100+ developers. Because they have limited hardware with which to run tests, each test suite run added days to waiting for feedback. BMW needed to save costs, since adding additional capacity required setting up additional hardware labs.

How we made an impact

By using Predictive Test Selection, BMW was able to reduce needless tests that would consume resources for days. Developers were no longer waiting for critical feedback on their Pull Requests, which enabled BMW to utilize their existing hardware more efficiently.

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Why UKG needed Launchable

UKG needed their developers and development teams to iterate faster on new releases. They needed faster critical feedback to understand if their code was deployable. UKG needed to actually create more time to write more tests, but without slowing their pipeline down. Additionally, UKG needed to reduce cloud costs for test execution while running additional test suites.

How we made an impact

UKG was able to optimize their costs, and send feedback earlier to their developers. By using Predictive Test Selection, UKG reduced their 5 hour tests to run in only 30 minutes, an efficiency increase of 90%. Shorter test times means faster feedback, resulting in better developer experience.

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Why Delphix needed Launchable

Delphix was looking into reducing the cycle time for releases. They also wanted to reduce the time required by developers to integrate their changes.

How we made an impact

Delphix has brought Launchable pre-merge as part of their developers' workflow. Launchable provides fast feedback to developers, helping their developers iterate faster. They have been able to reduce cycle time by half. Over a short period, they have brought the Launchable approach to multiple teams and projects.

Increase Volkswagen’s delivery velocity while eliminating cloud costs

Increase your efficiency by 5x

Use data to predict which tests are most likely to uncover issues, allowing your team to focus on the most important tests. This saves time and resources by reducing the number of unnecessary or redundant tests.

Improve your coverage

Predictive Test Selection can help ensure that all areas of your software development lifecycle are adequately tested, improving the overall quality of Volkswagen’s software and infotainment systems.

Get faster feedback

By prioritizing the most important tests, your team gains visibility into the impact of code changes on the test suite so developers can make more informed decisions about when and how to refactor existing code.

Customers agree that Launchable helps increase efficiency

5 star review

“Launchable's approach of faster & intelligently selecting test cases has reduced our regression cycles and enabled us to do faster product releases. It has also helped us in reducing AWS cost.”

Pravin B.

Engineering Manager

5 star review

“Launchable provides fast and smart subsets of tests, which are run by our developers on every commit, as well as during nightly and release regressions, benefitting us by giving targeted testing, and saving money on resources.”

Roma M.

Engineering Manager

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