Learn how to eliminate slow test cycles for developers with Harpreet

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For those of you looking for a more comprehensive introduction to Launchable, Harpreet did a 45 min webinar on How to eliminate slow test cycles for developers.

Here is the teaser:

“Why do I have to run every test for a one line change?” – every developer.
Developers and development teams are happiest delivering code. Waiting on tests for code to be delivered is one of the biggest frustrations for developers. That’s why Launchable is focused on eliminating waiting from testing cycles. 
Launchable’s machine learning platform smartly identifies tests that matter to dramatically reduce testing times. Launchable’s approach helps developers reduce the risk of software changes by helping shift tests left or right at low cost (without years-long digital transformation required).
Join us for a 45 minute session on September 10th and hear Launchable founder and Co-CEO Harpreet Singh talk about how data and machine learning can help teams deliver smarter by testing what matters! 

A webinar is a great way to learn more about Launchable, especially if you are considering joining our beta program.

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