Rocket Fuel Day: Unleashing our inner maker!

Introducing Rocket Fuel Days at Launchable

Key Takeaways

  • At Launchable every third Friday of a month is a day dedicated to ourselves, our community, and/or the world around us.

  • We collectively choose the theme every month and plan an activity for this day. Rocket Fuel Day isn’t just another work day; it’s a day of bonding, refueling and recharging our batteries.

We wanted Launchable to be a company that cares about work-life balance, doing more for the world around while having fun.

Rocket Fuel day was born to back our words with a structure that enabled that ethos. On this day, we collectively choose a theme every month and plan an activity for this day. The activity should help us step out from our daily work and nourish is in ways beyond work.

Last month, we visited Color Me Mine to paint ceramics in order to unleash our inner makers. We’ve been busy building a lot of “fuzzy” things like “healthcare for Launchable” so actually “making,” was a great reminder of the joy that is building stuff.

Color Me Mine is normally a place where children go, so the staff lady apparently wasn’t sure why two dudes are there on a Friday afternoon. It turns out she was half-Japanese and despite the fact that she was born & raised here, she still spoke a fairly fluent Japanese so naturally Kohsuke talked to her a bit.

Kohsuke went for a mug cup and painted it with a rocket. Harpreet went for a bigger two-piece dog painted to look like his dog – bonus points with his wife.

Eagerly waiting for the next rocket fuel day as it is around the corner. It happens every 3rd Friday of the month.

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