Verification failure

Firewalls and static IP addresses

If you receive an error like this one, then you'll need to configure your firewall to allow traffic to

$ launchable verify
unable to post to
$ launchable record build
Exception in thread "main" No address associated with hostname

If you need to interact with the API via static IPs, first set the LAUNCHABLE_BASE_URL environment variable to

The IP for this hostname will be either or which you can add to your firewall settings.

Proxies and certificates

If your CI server sits behind a proxy, you can tell the CLI to use it by setting the HTTP_PROXY and/or HTTPS_PROXY environment variables. For example:

export HTTP_PROXY=""
export HTTPS_PROXY=""

Similarly, if you need to specify a certificate:

export curl_ca_bundle="/usr/local/myproxy_info/cacert.pem"

These examples come from the documentation for Requests, which the CLI uses under the hood. See that page for more details.