Launchable product rollout

High level overview of the implementation process when you work with Launchable.

This document covers the four phases of the Launchable Product Rollout. These phases will be driven by the Launchable CS team through weekly recurring meetings.


  • The Launchable CS team will meet with the teams necessary for integration.

    • Note: If this project was used for the POC, this phase can be skipped.

    • We will go through the following items:


  • Setup an install session, or verify install after it is completed.

    • Note: If this project was used for the POC, we just need to verify that subsetting targets are correct for production usage. Otherwise, this phase can be skipped.

    • Install docs

    • Verify data as it comes in:

      • Launchable will collect both build and test data for ~4 weeks.

      • We will provide updates on this, as the model could be ready earlier than this as well.

      • Implement subsetting and verify data.


  • Launchable will continue to support the team, and make sure the integration is working as intended.

    • Launchable will maintain a weekly call for “office hours”, as rollout continues across other teams.

Periodic check-ins

  • Launchable weekly call will move to a monthly check-in call after all integrations are stabilized.