2022 Software Testing Pulsemeter Report

Application Testing and AI-Augmented Testing Insights Report

Techstrong Research Pulsemeter Sponsored by Launchable

How can you increase the pace of testing and decrease the number of tests you perform, all while making testing more valuable?

Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) are making it possible to run fewer tests by selecting only the tests that will have valuable insight. These advancements in testing address the longstanding development challenges of the testing bottleneck.

Techstrong recently conducted polls among the Techstrong Group member community to better understand evolving priorities with software testing and the adoption and use cases for AI-augmented testing. The Techstrong Group member community is made up of software developers and business and technical leaders focused on DevOps, cloud-native, security, and digital transformation.

Dive into the report and discover top priorities, hurdles, and software testing approaches teams are shifting toward to open testing bottlenecks without risking testing quality.

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