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Eliminate the biggest roadblock in your development by using Machine Learning.

Ship 5x faster by gaining insights from the Launchable platform

80% of software tests are pointless. We’ll help you get ahead of slow release cycles by showing you the 20% that matter.

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Your code and tests are not sent to us, only the metadata is.

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“Launchable is critical in our ongoing efforts to cut wait times for developers, enabling them to deliver more features, faster.”

Senior Test Engineer
From a major German car manufacturer

How Launchable helped a German car manufacturer

“We were successful in reducing lead to release by one third in 2021 as a result of bringing in Launchable.”

Senior Engineering Manager,
From a major restaurant POS company


Tests are the biggest bottleneck in your software workflow

For every code commit, developers are running through a gauntlet of tests and test suites. Every test and every test suite run adds to the delay in the feedback that developers are waiting on.

You invested in Agile and DevOps, but your software velocity is still slow. Having a mature DevOps discipline helps to keep processes moving, but just automating pipelines isn't enough.

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Issues are found late

Large codebases take too long to test and deliver at a high quality; and application rewrites are long and costly.

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Days are stressful

Your developers are unhappy, because every release means uncovering something unexpected and complicated.

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Shorten build time up to 90% by re-ordering your tests

Launchable identifies and runs tests with highest probability of failing (based on metadata) to speed up the dev feedback loop.

Run the right tests for a code change... and nothing more.

On each change, Launchable ranks tests by importance to code changes and allows you to create a unique subset (based on this ranking) in real-time. Run a fraction of your test suite while still maintaining high confidence that if a failure exists, it will be found.

AI-powered test automation

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Launchable helps build modern data-driven engineering teams

A Machine Learning-based approach finds issues earlier--with high confidence--in shortened test cycles. No application rewrites required.

Dev practices from elite teams

We have productized Predictive Test Selection, a technology used at companies like Facebook, so that it can be used by any company.

Use the curve based on the data from your code and your tests, to make data-driven decisions that speed up your dev by 40-80%.

Machine Learning for your tests

Launchable’s Machine Learning dynamically selects which tests to run based on the characteristics of a code change. For many software projects you can run 20% of the tests and achieve 90% confidence.

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Compatible with any CI server

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Launchable is compatible with any CI server that is able to run shell commands. Wherever your pipeline is, we can help.

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