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Find issues in complex applications earlier. Innovate & deliver faster.


Used by Elite Engineering Teams


Launchable is critical in our ongoing efforts to cut wait times for developers, enabling them to deliver more features faster


M. K

Senior Engineer, Top 5 Car Company

We reduced lead to release by one third in 2021 as a result of bringing in Launchable


R. M 

Engineering Director, Top 3 Point of Sales Company



  • Tests find issues too late
  • Long testing cycles
  • Slow & delayed releases
  • Too much WIP. Not enough in production


  • Issues found within 20-30% of a test run
  • Shorter, meaningful test releases
  • Better tested, faster & on-time releases
  • Less WIP. More in production

Build a modern, data-driven engineering org with happier developers

Deliver releases faster. Confidently and with high quality.


Engineering leaders have credibility challenges

Complex applications come with complex problems.


Issues found too late

Large codebases that take too long to test and deliver.

  • Automating tests, pipeline is the beginning and not the end
  • Application rewrites are long and costly

Implies a reactive org

Developers pulled into digging root causes for failures.

  • Less time into planned work
  • Lesser time into building modern dev practices

Means stressful days

Days spent receiving and communicating bad news

  • Unhappy developers who are hard to retain and recruit because of old school practices
  • Unhappy leadership team as they lose business to churn and competition

Launchable helps build modern data-driven engineering teams

A ML based approach that finds issues earlier with high confidence in shortened test cycles. No application rewrites


Rethink how software is delivered

Don't wait for entire tests to run. Find the tests most likely to fail and run them first.

ML that uses code commits to find the riskiest tests and prioritizes them to run earlier. Devs get to failures earlier and can fix them sooner.

Failing fast = faster delivery.

See how it works or head to our documentation.


Dev practices from elite teams

Up to 80% reduction in test cycles. No application rewrites

We have shrunk-wrapped Predictive Test Selection - an approach being used at companies like Facebook so that it can be used by any company.

Use the curves based on your data from your code, your tests to make data driven decisions to speed your development cycles.

  • Your code and tests are not sent to us. Only the meta-data is.
  • We don’t ask you to test less. Faster test cycles = more testing.

Read more how our customers used their curve to improve delivery.

the curve

We built Jenkins.

We are passionate about helping organizations deliver faster

co-CEO Koshuke Kawaguchi (ex-CTO, CloudBees - a DevOps leader) started the Jenkins project that is the bedrock of DevOps pipelines everywhere. Harpreet, our co-CEO was VP of Product for CloudBees where helped hundreds of teams through DevOps transformations. Our team has members from Atlassian Bitbucket, CloudBees, JFrog all leaders in developer productivity and DevOps.

Today, our passion is to help engineering build a data-driven culture to drive software releases faster.


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POC-ing Launchable

Evaluate if Launchable can help you

  1. Demo call Schedule a demo call to learn more.
  2. Discovery call Identify a project to see if we can make an impact.
  3. 4 Week POC You instrument (a couple of hours), sit back. Our ML learns and comes back with early results.
  4. Post POC decision call Go/no go. Typically a go go go! :-)

Our promise - respect your time

No pushy sales. Bring us if we show results.

  1. Identify a qualified project No POC if we don't think we can help
  2. Low people investment Your teams time is precious. POC typically takes hours to a couple of days to implement.
  3. Time bounded We show results in a 4 week POC
  4. Results on your data We show early results on your data to help you make data-driven decision to purchase us.

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