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How to deliver code faster with test automation powered by machine learning

Many software teams struggle to deliver software quickly. DevOps transformation initiatives take too long to speed up delivery. Developers are left waiting hours or days to get critical feedback on their changes, lengthening cycle times. To solve this, unicorn teams have brought machine learning and test automation together to intelligently subset tests and reduce test feedback delay, but the technology hasn’t been available to everyone.

Download this white paper to learn how to…

  • Deliver code faster by adding machine learning to your existing test automation
  • Reduce feedback delays by running the most relevant tests earlier
  • Reduce risk by getting earlier feedback on changes
  • Use Launchable to optimize test execution with machine learning

Speed up time to market

Accelerate your team by running the right tests at the right time. Shorter, earlier builds mean less time waiting on tests and more time shipping what really matters.

Reduce risk of changes

Shifting-left tests that were once run later in the cycle means problematic code is detected earlier. With Launchable you’ll de-risk changes and ship higher quality.

Modernize at low cost

There’s no need for costly test restructuring or more hardware. Upgrade your test environment at low cost with Launchable. Spend your dev dollars elsewhere!

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