Visiting San Jose office for an interview

Thank you for your interest in Launchable. We are really excited with the opportunity to have you in our team.

As a next step in the hiring process, we'd like to have you on site in our San Jose office at 75 East Santa Clara St, San Jose.

Our office is inside WeWork. Please come to the 6th floor of the building and get registered. That will notify us that you are here, and we'll come down to meet you. If you need to get hold of us in real time, please send SMS messages to 408-364-6771.

For your engineering interview

If you are for an engineering interview, please bring a laptop that you feel comfortable programming with, in a language you feel most proficient/comfortable with. We will connect your computer to a monitor through HDMI, so if that needs an adapter, please bring that as well.

The goal of the session is to see you at work. It's not a competition of who can implement the solution fastest. So don't worry, it will be fun!