Tokenless authentication for Open Source

by Shuhei Kitagawa in

Since we launched the Launchable CLI, we’ve been receiving requests from Open Source projects to integrate our test optimization into their public pipelines.

To enable this, today we’re releasing a new authentication mechanism for public repositories called tokenless authentication. Instead of a static API token, tokenless authentication uses your CI/CD service provider's public API to verify that the CLI is being used in a legitimate pipeline. With tokenless authentication, Open Source projects can now use Launchable to optimize test execution very easily. Tokenless authentication is currently available for projects that use GitHub Actions.

With a few steps, you can easily set up Launchable CLI with tokenless authentication enabled. If you’d like to see this in action, create a pull request against the gradle/ directory in the launchableinc/examples gradle/ repository and try it yourself!

For more information, please visit our documentation. Also, we encourage our users to join our Discord community to ask questions or leave us feedback and feature requests.

Launchable is free for open source projects, so get started now! (Just send an email to after you’ve signed up to have your license converted.)

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