Reducing slow test cycles for developers at a major auto company

I have some wonderful news to share about Launchable! This summer we've been working closely with several companies in our beta program to analyze the impact we can have within their organizations (it's big!). We have a couple of case studies in the works. Our first has just been made available here.

The company this case study is a leading auto company. We'll call them RocketCar. The development team at RocketCar delivers software that is embedded within devices inside the cars that they manufacture.

We analyzed their builds, code changes, and test results and were able to generate the following confidence curve for them:

This curve shows the percentage of tests that Launchable needs to run on the x-axis to achieve the confidence level on the y-axis. As you can see, they can achieve 90% confidence by running only 20% of the tests with Launchable.

This means they will be able to run a subset of their larger test suite earlier in their development cycle and catch the vast majority of regressions. This will result in a 39% reduction in build times for developers. The cost savings of this change will result in almost $1M in savings each year. That's a huge impact.

You can catch more of the details in the full case study.

BTW, if you think that what we are working on could have an impact on your development team, I have good news! We are still looking for product advisors to join our beta program and pilot an early version of the product. If that sounds like a good fit for your team, sign up here.

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