Slash test cycles up to 80%

A test automation platform that selects the right tests for each code change in real-time. Test more often, find issues earlier, and accelerate your entire dev cycle.

Run a dynamic subset of your existing tests in your current pipeline

Fast and easy setup

Simple CLI commands plug neatly into build scripts. Many teams are able to get started in under an hour without difficulty.

Programming language agnostic

Many apps, languages, and frameworks work out of the box. Nothing about the Launchable algorithm is particular to a specific platform.

All types of tests

Launchable works with many different kinds of automated tests. From unit tests to integration, from system tests to UI, we have you covered.

Make CI pipelines faster by using machine learning to optimize tests

The Launchable AI uses machine learning to identify the best tests to run for a change allowing you to run fewer tests. This can drastically reduce pipeline run time up to 80% or more.

Each project in Launchable is associated with its own machine learning model. The model is trained by watching incoming changes and the resulting test failures. Typical training time for a model is 3-4 weeks but it depends on your codebase and the frequency of test runs.

Pipelines run up to 80% faster with Launchable

Run the right tests for a change and nothing more!

On each change, the Launchable AI ranks tests by importance to code changes and allows you to create a unique subset (based on this ranking) in real-time. Run a fraction of your test suite while still maintaining high confidence that if a failure exists one will be found.

  • Reduce a 30 min pre-merge suite to 6 min
  • Reduce a 5-hour nightly suite to 1 hour on each pull request
Pipelines run up to 80% faster with Launchable

Reduce risk by shifting-left

Tired of getting feedback from long-running test suites only after merging? Subset a portion of your test suite and move it earlier in your workflow with Launchable.

  • Regression tests: run a subset on every push
  • Nightly integration tests: run a subset every hour
  • E2E tests: run a subset on every push
Pipelines run up to 80% faster with Launchable

Pull requests

Shorten test feedback delay by running tests that are likely to fail, first.

Integration tests

Subset long-running suites and shift-left. Run a subset on every PR or at the top of each hour.

UI tests

Move a subset of your long-running UI suite earlier in your development cycle.


You don’t have time for slow tests!

Eliminate slow test cycles. Test what matters.

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