Integrating with Launchable is easy!

Supported languages, platforms, test frameworks, and operating systems 

The beauty of our ML-based test automation approach is that we are technology agnostic. Our Jenkins ethos to seamlessly work with all DevOps tools shines through!

Harpreet Singh

Harpreet Singh

co-CEO, Launchable

  • Why do you say you're technology agnostic?

    Machine learning and test automation are truly made for each other. Our approach (similar to predictive test selection approach) implies that we learn patterns from past changes and test results. As you long as your results are machine readable (e.g: JUnit, XUnit, etc.), we can help. That said, we do have to have to look at metadata from your changes, so we are building integrations with common enterprise testing tools for our product advisors.

  • What languages do you support today?

    • C
    • C++
    • Java
    • JavaScript
    • Ruby
    • Python

    Need more? Let us know!

  • What cloud providers and operating systems do you support?

    We are operating system and cloud agnostic. We do have RocketCar working with Yocto Linux to build their systems.

    • Azure, AWS 
    • Windows, Mac, Linux
    • Android

    Need more? Let us know!

  • What test harnesses and build tools do you support?

    That is indeed a great question. Our approach entails telling a test runner to run tests in a specific order and thus we are working with our product advisors to identify and build the appropriate integrations.

    • Java: Maven, Gradle, Bazel
    • Javascript: Mocha
    • Ruby: MiniTest
    • Python: NoseTest

    Continuous Integration servers:

    • Jenkins
    • CircleCI


    • Using Cypress? We'd love to talk to you.

    Need more? Let us know!

  • Which Git tools do you support?

    • GitHub
    • Gerrit

    More coming soon! Need more? Let us know!

  • How do I get support for my toolchain?

    Joining our product advisor program is the fastest way to get your testing tool or framework on our radar. We build integrations with common enterprise testing tools for our Product Advisors.