Faster Sign Up with New GitHub Launchable Log In 

by Alastair Wilkes in September 22nd, 2021

Sign up with your GitHub account today and see how quickly you can get started accelerating your development cycle

Adding Launchable into your CI pipeline just got even easier. Launchable now offers the ability to sign up with your GitHub account. With the click of a button the latest account integration will get you up and running on Launchable in less than 30 minutes without having to create a new login.

Save yourself from having to remember yet another password and get started connecting your data today. By signing up with your existing GitHub account, you’re able to see firsthand the effortless setup. Whether your GitHub has hobby projects to test out integration or full test suites ready for harnessing the power of Flaky Tests Insights and Predictive Test Selection, sign up with your GitHub account and see how quickly you can connect with Launchable.

Get Started with 4 Steps:

  1. Sign up for a Launchable account, using your existing GitHub account or with an email address
  2. Install the Launchable CLI as part of your CI script
  3. Set your Launchable API key
  4. Connect the CLI to your build or testing tool and start sending data

Explore Launchable

Once you’ve set up your account with GitHub (or via email address), you can start exploring the Launchable platform. Flag your flaky tests by running Flaky Tests Insights and have your test suite scored on levels of flakiness, helping your team prioritize their efforts on fixing the costliest issues first.

Drop your test feedback wait times by setting up Predictive Test Selection. The tool builds machine learning models to identify and run tests with highest probability of failing based on code and test metadata, designed to speed up development feedback. The more data you have to test, the more insights Predictive Test Selection can provide as it builds a model based on your data to speed up your testing.

Take Launchable for a spin and test how it plugs into your existing system with the new GitHub integration today. 

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On-Demand Webinar: Using machine learning to reorder & subset tests dynamically

If you have ever developed code in real software projects, you know it: tests never run quickly enough, frequently enough, and reliably enough. In this webinar, Kohsuke Kawaguchi, the creator of Jenkins, explains how Launchable can help you tackle these problems with the power of data and machine learning for test automation. 

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