Get early access to Launchable!

Bring cutting-edge machine learning tech for test automation to your team

1. Qualify

We work with you to identify the right project and set meaningful goals for the performance of the Launchable model

2. Analyze

We analyze and provide insight on your environment and the best way to implement Launchable


3. Pilot

You get early access to the Launchable Beta and we work with you to integrate Launchable into your environment

Why join the early access program?

Insights for optimization for your tests We help answer questions like the time wasted by developers waiting for tests in your environment. Plus, we show a path to actually eliminating the wait from tests. See what we have done for other organizations - we essentially told them how to reduce their cycle times at the push of a button. 

Cutting edge technology for your developers Let's face it, your development teams are underwater and most teams don't have the years required to build, manage and maintain cutting edge technology at home. With Launchable, you can bring in the latest machine learning technology to your developers.

Partner with industry thought leaders Launchable team has built some pretty cool stuff - including Jenkins, Bitbucket & JavaEE. Partner with a bunch of fun folks who take pride in building stuff that helps development teams.

Influence the direction of the product Teams rarely get the opportunity to influence the direction of a product and get something built that's "just right" for them. Get in on the ground floor of an exciting product as it is being built and mould it to your needs. 

Get exclusive pricing discounts As a thank you for working with us, we will offer exclusive early access only discounts when we launch the product.

What is the time commitment?

Low - a couple of hours each month for 2-3 months. Most of the work is on our side.

We ask you for information on your environment. We extract your test history and then get to work. We come back with an analysis of your environment. If things look good, we move to the pilot phase.

We are in "read-only" mode while we analyze your environment. Thus, there is no risk to your running systems.