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Director of Developer Evangelism - US

Help developers and teams deliver with speed and quality

For the last decade, DevOps has revolutionized the way companies ship software. But there’s always been a trade off between speed and quality. If every company is becoming a software company then every team in this company is making this trade-off day in and out AND they are not happy about it. Launchable is reimagining the way developers do software testing so that they no longer need to sacrifice speed for quality.

IOW - Smarter Testing for faster DevOps.

The Mission: Build a developer authentic brand

Elevate quality, data, machine learning into the day to day parlance of developers. Establish Launchable as a brand trusted by developers and DevOps practitioners. Seed Launchable’s product led motion with authentic engagement with developers.

This will be accomplished by the following outcomes

  1. Produce content that speaks to subject matter experts: This content includes code, thought leadership content and interviews with practitioners. Drive the adoption of our discords channel
  2. Build a developer community around the intersection of Quality, Code, DevOps and ML. Establish this community as the forefront of DevOps practitioners and developers worldwide.
  3. Build a community of friends vested in the success of Launchable. A VIP program on the lines of friends of jfrog that leverages the network of well wishers of Launchable everywhere
  4. Drive our presence and awareness by presenting at technical conferences

Your competencies

  1. Deep technical background: You are someone who regularly codes and have had a front row seat on DevOps transformations and have a deep appreciation of Quality challenges facing software teams. You like to code and have some Github repositories to proudly show us.
  2. You can up-level quickly and produce engaging thought leadership material that speaks to subject matter experts (ideally backing this with code).
  3. Ability to engage different communities at a human and technical level is a must: Since we speak to multiple languages and test platforms, building relationships with key community members is a must.
  4. You are Prolific content generator: audio, video and written material
  5. Comfortable speaking at technical conferences. Includes creating new topic material that are at the intersection of Quality, AI and DevOps
  6. Good at program management: Keep a drumbeat of content going
  7. You can work with PR firms to feed them with content. Ability to instantly react for “newsjacking” articles

What you will get in return

  • Opportunity to get in on a fast moving Silicon Valley startup and reap benefits for fast-track career growth that comes with a high paced environment
  • Outsize influence in building the next great company in the DevOps space

Come help us tackle the biggest frontier (Quality) in DevOps with cutting edge technology (data/ML). Let’s make an impact on every software team on the planet!

Our Values

Play as a team

Great things are achieved by teams and great teams happen when every person plays their position well and has got each others back. (Inspired by Atlassian)

Make customers our fans

We are in it for making leaving our mark, that starts with making the lives our customers better and that starts by getting them to fall in love with us. (Inspired by Jenkins)

Be the change you seek

If we find a problem, we don’t wait for the next person to fix it. We roll up our sleeves and fix it. (Inspired by Mahatma Gandhi)

Be fair and do the right thing

We value human relationships and treating people as we would like to be treated. (Inspired by Basecamp)

Send your resume (.pdf, .doc, .docx, .txt)

Email: hello-applicant@launchableinc.com

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